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Cakewalk Sonar 8

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Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition
News Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

General Sequencer from Cakewalk belonging to the Sonar 8 series

Cakewalk has updated SONAR 8 (Producer and Studio Editions) to v8.0.1 and Beatscape to v1.0.1.

Issues Resolved in SONAR v8.0.1

Main Application:

    * Arming single parameters for automation was not functioning properly.
    * The Insert Controllers command no longer causes freezes and instability in SONAR.
    * The Insert Send Assistant is now available from the Console View and Track Inspector.
    * Inserting and assigning sends is more stable and responsive.
    * The Plug-in Manager no longer crashes on exporting a preset from the ACT MIDI Controller.
    * SONAR no longer crashes when opening an OMF containing unspecified proprietary information.
    * Editing track and bus names no longer causes CPU spikes.
    * The Split Note to Track CAL script no longer crashes SONAR.
    * Inaccuracies have been corrected regarding nudging, snapping, sliding and inserting time by Frames.
    * QuickTime H.264 export sometimes resulted in no file being created.
    * In rare cases, SONAR would crash when recording a stream of MIDI data (more likely on multicore/multiprocessor systems).

Audio Engine:

    * SONAR no longer crashes when changing the driver type (WDM, ASIO) while the app is running.
    * Improved control surface response to REW/FF operations.
    * SONAR no longer deletes a Surround Main when changing the driver type while the app is running.
    * SMPTE Sync is now stable at low latencies.

Instrument Tracks:

    * New tracks are no longer created as clips are moved within an instrument track containing a multi-out synth.
    * SONAR no longer crashes when accessing Track Properties | Instruments from an Instrument Track.
    * Potential instabilities when right-clicking the Patch or Bank field of an Instrument Track have been resolved.

Console View:

    * Meter options were not retaining their settings.
    * Values sometimes did not display properly in narrow strips.

Track View:

    * Several issues regarding drag-and-drop and cut/copy/paste have been resolved.
    * Track controls such as gain, pan, and send level sometimes had no impact on the audio signal path.
    * Nudging a clip up/down did not always move it to the adjacent track.
    * Potential instability with the video track has been resolved.
    * Importing multiple audio clips now properly places them in multiple tracks, instead of stacked together in a single track.
    * Editing multiple selected clips within folder tracks now edits all selected clips as expected.
    * Scrolling is now more responsive in large projects.
    * Auto cross-fade settings were not being saved with project files.

Cakewalk Plug-ins:

    * The TL-64 Tube Leveler incorrectly exposed the Drive parameter as Input Gain to ACT controllers and automation.
    * 64-bit versions of TS-64 Transient Shaper, TL-64 Tube Leveler, LP-64 Multiband and LP-64 EQ sometimes caused the left and right outputs to be out of phase with one another.
    * LP-64 EQ sometimes did not retain its settings when saved in a project file.

Third Party Issues:

Known Issues:

    * Some users have reported a pause during playback with certain audio devices and configurations. As of this writing this issue is still undergoing investigation and any correction to SONAR that could potentially alleviate this behavior will be addressed as soon as possible.

Beatscape v1.0.1

New features and improvements:

    * Various Performance & Stability Issues improvements.
    * Improved Font Rendering.
    * Pad Progress bar now is in sync with loop playback.
    * Master Volume and Pan now affect all outputs.
    * Keyboard now shows feedback from pads and MIDI.
    * Pads now send MIDI.
    * Keyboard now sends MIDI.
    * Added Tooltips for all parameters.
    * Triggering a pad will put it in focus.
    * Knob grooves now have notches at their default position.
    * Added refresh button to the browser.
    * Each pad now has a selectable output in the Pad Edit page.
    * Added new AM and FM effects.
    * F1 now opens Help file.
    * Loop Slicer gestures now behave like Explorer.
    * Renamed Pitch and Fine knobs to Trans and Tune.
    * Beatscape now shows a wait cursor while loading programs.
    * Beatscape shows as “Cakewalk Beatscape” under Add / Remove programs.
    * Added MIDI note names in Pianoroll.

Issues addressed:

    * Empty pads used to show 1 marked slice in the keyboard.
    * Stepgen was drawing steps 1px too high.
    * Beatscape would crash when it tried to load a missing audio file.
    * Pad progress bar wasn’t displaying in Autoplay mode.
    * Triggering pads in Autoplay mode would stack the sample.
    * .loop files were being stored in the wrong directory.
    * Pads weren’t playing in certain modes.
    * Some pad settings were clearing when loops were replaced.

Known Issues:

    * The browser does not automatically refresh, please use the new browser’s refresh button.
    * Beatscape does not follow host tempo automation.
    * The uninstaller does not remove the 'filecache.lst’ file Beatscape uses this file to keep track of its library).
    * In some cases REX files may have a silent slice in the beginning or the end of the loop. Beatscape will assign a step to these slices as well.
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