Cakewalk Express v3.01a
Cakewalk Express v3.01a

Express v3.01a, General Sequencer from Cakewalk.

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Boumboum315 05/09/2010

Cakewalk Express v3.01a : Boumboum315's user review

«  I still use it »

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It is software that installs easily and is relatively simple to use.


I use it on XP but it only works in 16 bit Windows crashes because sometimes it does not have enough memory (or something like that). I do not know if it works with newer Windows frames.


I use it for ten years (with a ladle). This is not a perfect software but it is the best editor afternoon that I found and I've tried a lot.
I use it to make the seizure in lunchtime. It allows me to make arrangement or composition quickly. I can correct my notes very easily and when I'm satisfied I save my songs in midi and use a partition editor to put them to own.

After the software is released audio is entered into the world of computers and software that have followed have become inadequate gas machines for a certain type of composition (MIDI can compose with notes, audio with sounds and it has nothing to do). There are other publishers later and I tried one bunch, and none comes close to him.