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Cockos Updates REAPER to v3.02.

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Cockos Reaper 3
News Cockos Reaper 3

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

Cockos has updated REAPER to v3.02.


  • Fixes to APE, OGG, and MP3 writing in certain consolidate instances.
  • Fixed consolidate having issue with certain content/output sinks.
  • Fixed Unicode file support for DirectShow video files (avi/mpg/etc.).
  • Fixed CoreAudio aggregate/multi-buffer audio bug.
  • JS: threaded memory manager fixes (for when starting playback with graphic JSs loaded).
  • Fixed bug sending events at end of MIDI file in certain instances.
  • More useful dialog message when unable to encode MP3.
  • OSX: improved GUI compatibility for some plugins.
  • OSX graphics tweaks.
  • MIDI editor: major performance improvement when editing small MIDI items in large projects.
  • Quick FX add menu when clicking FX slots on the extended mixer.
  • Windows: Low-level change to external MIDI output handling.
  • MIDI output timing, CPU, bandwidth, consistency, and stability improvements.
  • Global envelope menu selection to show/hide all track envelopes in project.
  • Tweaks to control surface plug-in since midi output is nicely threaded on Windows.
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