Cockos Reaper 3
Cockos Reaper 3

Reaper 3, General Sequencer from Cockos in the Reaper series.

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Cockos Updates Reaper 3

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Cockos has updated REAPER to v3.1415.

  • Action: invert item selection.
  • Actions dialog: fixed export of multiple selected actions/shortcuts.
  • API/ReaScript: actions dialog shows command ID strings for custom/extension actions.
  • API/ReaScript: added NamedCommandLookup, to get a command ID from a named extension action.
  • Auto-crossfades: don't initiate auto-crossfade until items overlap by at least one sample.
  • Automation: ctrl+click on envelope point toggles point selection if no envelope drawing occurred.
  • Batch converter: prompt before exit if processing/unprocessed items.
  • Custom toolbars: disabled themed scrollbars on win32 for icon picker.
  • CD extraction: preliminary support (Windows 2000+, OS X).
  • JS: fixed certain plug-ins on x64.
  • LAME/mp3 support: assorted fixes (multi-encoder, OSX VBR, correct file lengths, etc.).
  • Master track: clean up envelope lanes properly when hiding master track.
  • MIDI editor: moving CC with notes replaces rather than merging with existing CC at the new location.
  • MIDI editor: added action to move to end of selected notes.
  • MIDI editor: support for mouse cursor as vertical zoom center (respects prefs/editing behavior).
  • MIDI input quantize: various bugfixes.
  • OSX: Audio Unit buggy compatibility mode includes constant blocksize (fixes AUMatrixReverb).
  • OSX: built-in FX/JSFX fixes for installation on volumes that are case-sensitive.
  • PDC: better behavior when unmuting tracks with routing and "do not process muted tracks" disabled.
  • ReaScript: various bugfixes.
  • Scrub: autoseek during playback regardless of middle-mouse-button handscroll preference.
  • Startup: even faster.
  • Theme: themeable images for tabs (user for docker, project tabs, floating toolbar).
  • Track: inserting track via context menu inserts new track in the expected place.
  • Toolbar: actions to open the floating toolbar at the mouse cursor.
  • Toolbar: support for more toggle actions staying lit when assigned to buttons.
  • Toolbar: extensions can register toggle actions.

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