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Cockos Updates Reaper 3 (Again)

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Cockos Reaper 3
News Cockos Reaper 3

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

Cockos has updated Reaper to v3.15.

  • Actions: select previous/next adjacent non-overlapping items.
  • Auto-crossfades: more consistent logic when moving, trimming, copying items.
  • Automation: preference for first click on envelope to select envelope, or add point immediately.
  • Automation: action to add point at current time position to all visible envelopes.
  • Dual trim/timestretch: acts on all selected items, unless both sides of shared edge are selected.
  • FIPM: preserve item positioning when moving items across tracks.
  • License key: automatic import of license key text from clipboard on startup.
  • Marquee selection: fixed some random issues, better small-move behavior.
  • Media items: shift+drag edges bypasses snapping regardless of whether shift or drag happens first.
  • MIDI devices: avoid clearing device alias when disabling device.
  • MIDI editor: fixed occasional CC data drawing bug.
  • MIDI items: more consistent logic for which track receives new empty MIDI items.
  • Noise shaping: noise contour is slightly gentler in high frequencies.
  • OSX: JS editor usability improvements when OSX keyboard dialog navigation enabled.
  • OSX: no media explorer peaks for audio CD .aiff files.
  • OSX: fixed crash on selected track delete from mixer context menu.
  • OSX: fixed item notes window.
  • OSX: fix for multi-monitor context menu issues.
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: fixed bug where sample is left marked as used on plugin remove.
  • ReaScript: Fixed RPR_AddTakeToMediaItem causing crashes.
  • Sends: shift+drag IO button or extended mixer send area to send all selected tracks at once.
  • Sync: added 23.976 as predefined framerate for LTC.
  • Themed tab fixes (x64 etc).
  • Takes: fixed splitting unlooped MIDI take beyond loop end in odd time signatures.
  • Track panels: show exact track volume after manually setting a level below the minimum fader value.
  • Video: fixed audio playback issue on some Quicktime videos.
  • VST: more flexible support for passing keyboard input to plug-ins.
  • x64: corrected undo history writing.
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