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Cockos Updates Reaper 3

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Cockos Reaper 3
News Cockos Reaper 3

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

Cockos has updated REAPER to v3.31.

  • Action: move cursor left/right to nearest media item edge.
  • Action window: can be docked.
  • Action window: options to preserve action filter, show/hide command IDs.
  • Arrange view: themeable divider lines between tracks and between envelope lanes.
  • Command line: fixed -renderproject option with some old projects.
  • Envelope lanes: optional horizontal grid lines.
  • Glue: fixed unnecessary creation of empty audio file when gluing muted MIDI items.
  • Grouping: support select-all-grouped preference in marquee selection.
  • MIDI items: editing item edges resizes source contents for unlooped in-project MIDI items.
  • MIDI editor: optional horizontal grid lines in CC lanes.
  • MIDI editor: fixes for note move/resize actions when notes hit other notes or the end of the item.
  • MIDI overdub loop recording: avoid extending items past the end of the loop.
  • MIDI playback: avoid double note-on when time signature changes result in incomplete measures.
  • Missing files dialog: better behavior when ignoring missed files.
  • OSX: fix for AU with long name/description fields failing scan.
  • Preferences: split peaks/waveforms and meters appearance preferences into their own pages.
  • ReaNINJAM: better paths for configuration files, session files (unprivileged user support).
  • ReaStream: fixed multi-instance bug with MIDI receive.
  • ReaScript: safer handling of GetSetObjectState when called from audio threads.
  • Render: autosave on render causes saved project to be loaded by default on next run.
  • Render: Windows 7 taskbar progress support while rendering.
  • Trim behind items: preserve grouping of split items.
  • VST: avoid preset list flashing in some plugins.
  • x64: fixed JS issues (bad invsqrt, failure when using large amounts of RAM).

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