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Cockos Reaper 4.02

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Cockos Reaper 4
News Cockos Reaper 4

General Sequencer from Cockos belonging to the Reaper series

Cockos has updated Reaper to version 4.02, designed to improve on 4.0's mouse modifier support, adding more scrub/jog customization and marquee zoom support.

The project settings dialog has also been reorganized slightly, offering a new arrangement of project specific configuration. This version also offers the usual assortment of small behavior and stability fixes – see below.



  • Mouse modifiers:
    • Support draw/edit/ramp CC events when starting the edit over a CC event.
    • Added contexts for arrange view middle-click, middle-drag, edit cursor handle.
    • Many new options for marquee zoom, restore zoom, browser scroll, scrub/jog behaviors.
    • Better preservation of pre-existing user customizations.
    • Behaviors to move item edge without changing fade-in end or fade-out start time.
    • Better behavior when assigning mouse click to actions like “move item to cursor”.
    • Control+right-click creates a time selection by default (as in 3.x).
  • MIDI editor:
    • Fixed bad behavior when drawing over existing CC events with snap enabled.
    • Fixed horizontal zoom with mouse cursor center, when using project-synced timebase.
    • Avoid accidental time selections in ruler.
    • Support negative swing quantize.
    • Fixed possible oddness when editing CC with auto-select CC enabled.
  • Project bay:
    • Use file resolving when loading retained items.
    • Show error message when move/copy file fails because the target file already exists.
    • List tracks by name.
    • Fixed drag/render-drag of multiple items on OSX.
  • Envelopes:
    • Allow editing initial envelope point regardless of editing preferences.
    • Option to add transition point when recording automation while playback is stopped.
    • Clicking on an envelope point no longer seeks playback.
  • MIDI:
    • Fixed stuck notes when looping.
    • Renaming one pooled take renames all pooled takes.
  • Project settings:
    • Reorganization, more sensible layout hopefully.
    • Added track mixing bit depth configuration.
  • Count-in: follow tempo and time signature at play start position, not prior to it.
  • Directory cleanup: ignore files that are retained in project bays.
  • Media explorer: added action to close media explorer.
  • Nudge: actions to nudge item contents apply only to the active take (similar to slip editing).
  • ReaSurround: continue to increase FX IO count when dragging IO from tracks.
  • Render queue: fixed display of time-selection renders.
  • Samplitude EDL: support for offsets/lengths greater than 2 billion samples.
  • Scrub: avoid senseless jogs after edit cursor moves.
  • Slip editing: fix for possible hang.
  • Stem rendering: faster, does not process irrelevant tracks, option in prefs/rendering for old behavior.
  • Volume displays: fixed display of certain gain values in default theme.
  • VST: fixed preset selection when there are multiple factory presets with the same name.
  • Windows Aero: keep always on top pins out of window list when REAPER non-responsive.
  • Zoom: fixed display of item backgrounds with very zoomed in and long project times.
  • Zoom/scroll: now has a stack of recent zoom/scrolls, added actions to restore previous/next.
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