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N-Track Studio Updated To v6.0.4

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Fasoft n-Track Studio 6
News Fasoft n-Track Studio 6

General Sequencer from Fasoft

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FASoft has updated n-Track Studio to v6.0.4.

Changes since v6.0.3:
  • New n-Track Multitap Delay effect.
  • Drag multiple parts across tracks.
  • Auto scrolling when dragging parts.
  • Demo Song automatically opens when launching the program for the 1st time.
  • Grouping of track parts.
  • Song Start/Stop markers allow to define the points at which song playback will start and end.
  • Looped parts are parts of a single group so that they are dragged together.
  • Reveal in folder and insert into song options in Mixdown dialog box.
  • Option to not mute existing tracks when overdubbing (in popup menu that appears clicking on a track rec arm button).
  • “Place Part at Cursor” command in timeline popup menu.
  • EQ boost/cut setting can be entered with keyboard after double click on EQ knobs in channel mixer.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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