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Harrison Mixbus updated to v3.3

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Harrison Audio Mixbus 3
News Harrison Audio Mixbus 3

General Sequencer from Harrison Audio

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Harrison Consoles has released version 3.3 of its Mixbus DAW, introducing a new Plugin pin connection management as well as many improvement & fixes.

This new version introduces the Plugin pin connection management, a new feature designed to improve the user’s control over the signal-flow in the channelstrip. It improves the default plugin routing so stereo VST’s can be used in a mono channel without causing the channel to switch to stereo outputs.

It also allows very flexible selection of sources to feed your plugin sidechain inputs, a feature that does not yet work on Mac AU plugins but will be added in an upcoming update.

Besides, Mixbus 3.3 also introduces many improvements and bug fixes, including (but not limited to) the following:


  • Waveform-drawing is now multi-threaded, allowing big sessions to open faster.
  • Loudness report can now be done on any region & range in addition to the Export window
  • Drag & Drop a plugin onto another of the same plugin to copy the plugin’s state (this also works for the channelstrip EQ & Compressor)
  • Never change sample-rate saved with the session after creation. A message dialog will appear if you try to open a session while the soundcard is using the wrong rate (this should help avoid the occasionally-reported problem of a session that is accidentally saved at the wrong rate)
  • Track Rec-arm buttons now provide more contrast when a track is armed for recording
  • Instrument list (in the New Track dialog) is now re-filled with new entries after a plugin “Scan”
  • Replace some missing items in the region context menu that went missing
  • Potential session-save speedup
  • Prevent deletion of a channel’s last port using the PortMatrix
  • Updated Chinese translation
  • Middle-click on location lock-in sidebar locates to the given marker (since 2011)


  • Likely fix for the rare “right channel clicking” problem
  • Fixed use of DIALOG/UTILITY window type hint on OS X (likely fix for the problem where the Preferences window won’t display, on computers using the Deutsch locale)
  • Don’t show plugin GUI when renaming tracks/busses
  • Fixed a possible crash at session close
  • Fixed an error message when attempting to timestretch a region multiple times
  • Fixed a bug which caused pasted gain automation to be different level than the copied source

According to Harrison, approximately 50 other minor improvements and bug-fixes are also introduced.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux (both 32– and 64-bit systems), Mixbus 3.3 is a free update for all registered Mixbus 3 users. For new users, Mixbus is available for $79, or in various bundles including one or several Harrison plug-ins (there’s currently a time-limited offer for Mixbus + the XT-ME Mastering Equalizer plugin at a total price of $94 instead of $188).

More details are available at harrisonconsoles.com.

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