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Pyramix 7, VCube 3 & Ovation 3 Service Packs

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Merging Technologies Pyramix 7
News Merging Technologies Pyramix 7

Merging Technologies has released the first Service Pack updates for Pyramix 7.0, VCube 3.0 and Ovation 2.0.


Pyramix 7.0 SP1

New Feature: Album Publishing:

  • This new feature is available through the Generate CD Image dialog and, if enabled, will perform further encoding/audio file export after a CD Image generation succeeded to create additional user definable audio files.
  • The output can be setup through the dialog which pops up when clicking on Export > Album Publishing’s settings button.
  • So far, 4 output formats are available:
    1. FLAC (lossless compression).
    2. Ogg Vorbis (lossy compression).
    3. AIFF (uncompressed).
    4. WAVE (uncompressed).
  • For each selected output format, user can choose to generate single contiguous file (one file for the whole disc) and/or one file per CD track.
  • For compressed formats, additional compression settings can be adjusted with a slider.
  • For both Single contiguous file and One file per CD Track cases, the file naming can be specified (file naming convention) and tags (e.g. <TagName>) can be used (information will be retrieved from the Disc/Track CD-Text info and Track number).
  • Once the user has updated the Album Publishing settings according to his/her purpose, he/she can launch the CD Image generation. Once the Mixdown/PMI CD-Image generation is over, Album publishing process will start. The generated files will be placed in the specified paths (folders will be created if needed) and metadata will be written based on the CD Image TOC + CD Text information, using conventions.


  • Pyramix Busy warning:
    • A new Pyramix status window was added at the bottom right of the Pyramix GUI to warn the user that Pyramix is still operational (white screens/not responding), during large demanding tasks.
    • Your might see one of those messages being displayed:
      • Pyramix Virtual Studio busy (during tasks like: opening project, mount, renders, libraries, …).
      • AAF Parser busy (during AAF import task).
      • Merging Technologies VS3 busy (during Mixer tasks).
      • Merging Technologies Convert busy (during Convert task).
    • The small progress bar within the Pyramix status window will progress at different speed. Be aware that the progress location does not necessarily indicate the remaining busy time.
  • Automation delay compensation now working on pan controls:
    • Panning and ON/OFF automation is now compensated according the audio signal path in the mixer, just like Aux and Subgroups sends knobs.
    • Exceptions are: multi mono buses and multi stereo buses panners.
  • SACD disc builder updated now compatible under Vista and Windows 7 (thus fixing a previous crash during the Cutting Master generation).
  • Recording: a new warning was in the Stall Report window:
    • The message warning is “Your Recording may be at risk”.
    • If the Destination Media Drive performance is insufficient we detect it and recommend that you change the destination media drive or optimize it.

Bugs Fixed (some fixed bugs could be missing from the list):

  • Fixed. Album Publishing: Encoded track files are not accurate, some containing 2 tracks.
  • Fixed. Clip Properties/ selection: Name or Comment field can become un-editable if docked.
  • Fixed. Safe Record: prevent users from changing the track monitoring mode or track input selector in Safe Record mode.
  • Fixed. Generate CD Image may have drops at specific edit locations.
  • Fixed. Remote: EMC controller pan-pot light not stay Lightened when switching banks.
  • Fixed. Mackie MCU fader mapping silkscreen match to be improved.
  • Fixed. New from Template – new workspace : folder not mounted.
  • Fixed. Library: Moving items from a Shelf to another will copy it and not move it.
  • Fixed. Some AVID AAFs are not relinking.
  • Fixed. Settings: Set the default undo value should be 20.
  • Fixed. Make Timecode toolbar slightly larger and easier to see (Only available with registry key, contact support if needed).
  • Fixed. Automation: Snapshot to cursor with “To end” option will crash Pyramix.
  • Fixed. Automation: Copy from project to another one is inaccurate.
  • Fixed. Switching between projects does not restore the composition window position to Maximized.
  • Fixed. In playback loop mode, Pyramix and a rewire client drift.
  • Fixed. AAF Import: Some clips have half a waveform.
  • Fixed. Export Report Printer : AbsSource field is always 00:00:00.
  • Fixed. Libraries: cannot open newly created Shelf.
  • Fixed. Auto-save strange file naming.
  • Fixed. Pyramix Crash: when selecting and deleting clips quickly.
  • Fixed. Library: Moving any saved VS3 Preset from the Document Library to the VS3 window could crash Pyramix.
  • Fixed. Library: Deleting multiple Items from the Library does not delete all of them.
  • Fixed. Library: Cannot use Search the first time an offline library is created.
  • Fixed. Library: Cannot rename properly a Shelf.
  • Fixed. Media Clip delete from Media Manager can be erased from other Folders.
  • Fixed. If Database Drive is removed, PMX will not start.
  • Fixed. Removing StripTool from some specific mixer may crash Pyramix.
  • Fixed. VCA slaved faders bad offset when doing a snapshot.
  • Fixed. Automation Curve update problem when writing automation in Fixed cursor.
  • Fixed. Save to search library can take long time on large Sound FX libraries.
  • Fixed. OMF Import : media folder not mounted after import.
  • Fixed. CD Image: Request for an option so that individual tracks to be created along with the CD image.

Release notes for Ovation and VCube are available here.

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