PreSonus Studio One Professional
PreSonus Studio One Professional

Studio One Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 1 series.

PreSonus Studio One Update

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PreSonus has updated Studio One to v1.5.2.



  • Crash resizing Transform window in Editor.
  • Improved performance issues with small buffer sizes.
  • Improved sound quality with envelope auto speed in Dynamics Plugins.
  • Save not working when song is opened in Browser.
  • Solo was disengaged when CMD-clicking on an event (with "solo follows selection" enabled).
  • Drag and Drop from browser to some 3rd party plugins not working (OSX only).
  • Editor does not switch to drum editor automatically when loading Impact.
  • Mixdown path not updated when saved to new folder.
  • Automation and Inspector values not the same for MIDI program changes.
  • Tuner did not work with all buffer sizes.
  • Only events in active track layer were adjusted when changing track tempo mode.
  • Drum map not correctly loaded when using drag and drop.
  • Info view can be placed at the bottom with detached mixer.
  • Level clip counter not working correctly.
  • Instrument bounce not exact when Master Channel has plugin delay.
  • Channel Fader can display when turned completely down -144 dB.
  • Drag and Drop not working when mouse buttons swapped in the mouse options (Windows only).
  • Hanging note in mojito when changing velocity.
  • Project: Occasional gaps in Digital Release.
  • Project: Performance issue with disabled tracks.
  • Limiter in ISL mode clips.
  • Cuemix output should be in Solo Save mode by default.
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