Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

Steinberg Cubase 5.1 Updates

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Steinberg has announced that it has released a set of updates for Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, MR816 CSX, MR816 X and CC121.

The added capabilities include extended control options for CC121, workflow enhancements for MR816 CSX/X as well as functional additions and refinements to Cubase 5, Steinberg says.

The update for the CC121 Advanced Integration USB controller includes new control options. The AI Knob is now designed to offer control for VST2 plug-ins, allowing ultra-quick "point and control" of any parameter accessible supporting use of the mouse wheel. The CC121 EQ section now features optional control over the eight Cubase 5 Quick Controls. Furthermore, the company says the resolution of the encoders has been refined, while folder tracks can now be opened and closed directly from CC121, aiding navigation through large projects.

The MR816 CSX and MR816 X update comes with metering and workflow enhancements, including faster access to MR settings directly in Cubase. In addition, the Hardware Setup menu has been expanded to offer more information and control within one window.

Cubase 5.1 supports the new functionality available in the MR816 CSX/X and CC121 updates, also extending connectivity with Yamaha's MOTIF XS. Project Tagging has been introduced to the MediaBay, the rating functionality has been extended to all preset browser windows and many other, smaller functional enhancements are also included, Steinberg promises.

According to Steinberg, Cubase to v5.1 features improvements in the following program areas:

Hardware support / Advanced Integration:
  • Integration of Yamaha Motif XS plug-in editor as External Instrument has been enhanced and allows usage without having an audio-connection of the device to your audio/computer hardware (e.g. Motif is only connected to the system by MIDI and not by FireWire). Instrument Channels will appear with a transparent fader cap in such cases.
  • Steinberg CC121 AI knob can be used to control parameters of most VST2 plug-ins. Please note that this does not work with plug-ins with no mouse-wheel support implemented. Some plug-ins may require a click on the desired parameter first, instead of just hovering the mouse cursor over the parameter. The Lock button of CC121 is not supported for VST2 plug-ins. These restrictions do not apply to VST3 plug-ins.
  • Support for software version 1.5 of MR816 hardware series and CC121 Advanced Integration Controller.

  • Project Tagging: In all Cubase versions featuring MediaBay, projects can be tagged permanently, just like e.g. audio media. In the past attributes for project have been only stored in the MediaBay database, with version 5.1 attributes will be written into the project file. Attributes are not lost when transferring project files from one system to another, allowing you to use the MediaBay to its full extent managing your project files.
  • Presets can be now rated in "Browse Sounds..." or any other Preset Browser windows.
  • There are some minor changes in the default setup of Filters and Attributes for "Browse Sounds..." and other Preset Browser windows.

  • Dragging MIDI Trigger Part from Groove Agent One to an already existing MIDI or Instrument track will place it there, instead of always creating a new track. It is no longer needed to adjust the MIDI File Import Preferences for this workflow.
  • Audio Track Presets are now saved with Input Bus settings, loading such Track Presets will connect them to the most suitable Input Bus found in the current VST Connection Input Bus setup.

The following issues have been fixed in version 5.1:
  • Fixed a problem with Control Room volume being reset under certain conditions, if DirectMonitoring is enabled.
  • Fixed a stability problem with MediaBay if computer is equipped with 2GB RAM or more (Mac OS X only).
  • Fixed a problem with wrong track names after dissolving a MIDI Part separated by channels.
  • Fixed a problem with MIDI FX plug-in "Auto LFO" not finding the factory presets.
  • Fixed a problem involving Groove Agent One when Instrument is freezed while playback is running.
  • Fixed a graphical problem in the "Browse Sounds..." window: The Volume fader cap was missing.
  • Fixed a problem with Project Bar Offsets and Info Line values for Time Signature events.
  • Fixed a problem renaming items properly in the Generic Remote editor.
  • Fixed a MIDI Clock problem when Cycle was toggled on/off or when jumping to Arranger Parts.
  • Fixed a problem with Freeze: Frozen Track was assigned to wrong plug-in instance.
  • Fixed problem with Link Editor preference not working for List Editor.
  • Fixed a problem with Track Notepad: Text could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a problem with Automation: Value did not match with e.g. Volume fader position under special conditions.
  • Fixed a problem with MIDI Device Preset Bank names when exporting or importing setups.
  • Fixed Score font compatibility problems for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed issues with QuickConnect feature of Steinberg MR816 series.
  • Fixed a Freeze issue with Output Busses not being recovered when unfreezing an External Instrument.
  • Fixed an issue with erratic Start/Stop messages when using MIDI Clock sync.
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