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Podium Updated To v2.17

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Zynewave Podium v2.x
News Zynewave Podium v2.x

General Sequencer from Zynewave

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Zynewave has updated Podium to v2.17.


  • Redesigned the “create new project” page. The page can be scrolled vertically if it does not fit within the window. This can occur if running on a netbook with low screen resolution.
  • If the “Zynewave/Podium” application data folder created by the installer is not found when Podium is started, the folder where Podium.exe is located is used as data folder instead. The Podium.ini file will thus be stored in this folder. This makes it easier to run Podium from a flash drive on a PC system where Podium has not been installed.
  • The installer no longer creates the “Zynewave Podium Projects” folder in the Documents folder. Instead the user is presented with a “project folder preferences” dialog the first time Podium is started. The user can let Podium build the default folders, or configure the folders in the preferences.
  • The “Sound file cache folder” setting in preferences can be left blank to use the Windows temp folder. The default setup now uses this instead of the Cache folder previously created by the installer.
  • Removed the “Relative to project path” option from the sound properties dialog. Sound files are now always referenced with a relative path in the project file if the sound file is located within the project folder.
  • Removed the “Relative path” plugin file option from the Device Mapping properties dialog. Plugins are now always referenced with their full path in the project file.
  • Multiple VST plugin scan folders can be specified in the preferences dialog.
  • Added “automatically search for missing plugins when loading a project” option to preferences. This option is enabled by default.
  • The track inspector embedded in the project window is automatically opened/closed when an arrangement editor is opened/closed.
  • Clicking outside the navigator zoom pane will not change the vertical track zoom position.
  • Double-clicking in the navigator will toggle between full zoom and restoring previous zoom range.
  • Removed the outdated example projects from the installer.
  • Fix: Recording on a composite track could crash if recording was started at a position before an existing comp event on the track.
  • Fix: Clicking outside the zoombar in the navigator could freeze the UI for a few seconds if the “follow play cursor” view option was enabled.
  • Fix: Pressing the 'B’ key shortcut with focus on a parameter track would insert new bounce tracks instead of toggling bounce mode on the existing track.
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