Somatic Circuits VC-303 Bass Synth
Somatic Circuits VC-303 Bass Synth

VC-303 Bass Synth, Generator module for modular synthesizer from Somatic Circuits.

public price: $380 VAT
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Somatic Circuits VC-303 Bass Synth

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This product is described as a "100% clone of the classic bassline synth in a modern modular format."

Original device:

  • original signal path/schematic.
  • original part type and n.o.s. transistors  used.
  • 3.5mm 'Lumberg' pcb mounted type.
  • 2 board design for use within a mobile system.


  • VCO - 1v/oct Keyboard in , Frequency Modulation CV in and Glide 0-5v in.
  • VCF - Frequency Control CV in.
  • ENV- Envelope CV out , Gate 0-5v in.
  • VCA - Accent 0-5v in and Audio out.


  • Waveform Select - Saw / Square (303 type).
  • VCO Tune.
  • VCF Cut-off , Resonance and ENV MOD.
  • ENV Decay.
  • VCA Accent and Volume.


  • FRAC 3mm black shielded FR4 faceplate with gold plated writing (FR4 is Fiberglass with ground shielding).
  • EURO 2mm chromated aluminum with 2 part epoxy silkscreen
  • 5U available soon.


  • 15v+/- and 12v+/- power supplies.

Pricing & Availability

Available this month.

$380 (Eurorack) / $350 (Frac)

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