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septik 02/12/2004

E-MU PX-7 : septik's user review


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Attention Beast of War:
This is good command station from which almost everything is feasible, because the Px7 offers a sequencer rhythms and a box has an expander.
outputs are separate series and the number of 6 (or rather 3 stereo) and the effects are assige on all outputs.
For MIDI, there are 2 out (silmutanément practice to drive a sampler and an expander for example) and in 1.
The only thing we can regret is that we can not use the 6 mono outputs


The use of Px7 is relatively simple provided it look a minimum, it is not as intuitive as well as Korg mx or rm1x.
Editing presets is a joy of simplicity is the inverse of the sequencer or must navigate a great blow to edit the wheel velocity, gate time .......


This is definitely the strong point, the dynamics is enormous, the sounds are very numerous (512 presets) and a flawless clarity.
the Px7 has 128 voice polyphony really what makes it possible to overlay a variety of sounds without food to one another, no more big bass that are cut sheets (fairly common on the RM1 mx or in another).
It is true that the home is oriented Px7 drum kit (drum map protean standard) but with a small card in addition to the game rom expander becomes truly interesting and efficiency of the filters is bleuffante.


In short it's still a big beast on which we can not get bored.
This is not necessarily for any beginner DIYers but sound will find their account.
So hurry em-u stopped production and is the latest that are still available for around 700 euros, that price should not hesitate