Feeltune Rhizome SXE
Feeltune Rhizome SXE

Rhizome SXE, Groove Machine from Feeltune in the Rhizome series.

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rba 12/12/2012

Feeltune Rhizome SXE : rba's user review

«  the material is not so much a bug »

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the machine, causing all to please .......


the system board is not stable, many bugs are present during the composition of a song,
more Feeltune society spends its time you sent bug fix updates via the system, which in the long weariness you.

For those in connection afternoon, I tried with the help of technical service connected to one Minitaur Moog, result: impossible, it seems more than difficult to connect synth noon.

For those in VST, those present in the machine works very well, but inssufisant.
over the company announces compatibility Feeltune 99% of vst, what is wrong in esseyant to put the vst free, we are not bug as possible, tried to install vst arturia, its not not work either.

a small detail that has all its meaning for those who want to put effects, as found in hip hop or electro, type impact, noise and other noise, you lose a lot of time laid the effect in the sequencer, plus it must adjust the time according to the extent that much easier in Logic 9

over a macbook pro logic 9 and an external sound card is better than the rhizome.
more space is at its height, it is impossible to travel with its rhizome in the cabin,
I tried, and better to have steel arms ..............

resumé for a machine too complicated, too expensive, and service clientel offensive, insulting when I say is that I had the opportunity solicited technical service for a problem connecting hardware midi and j ' I was pleasantly surprised to have the designer Nicolas Piau, tell me that his society was not there to teach the beginners like me .................. ..

yeah Feeltune in music is better than you're someone important to you that you give importance, whereas in native instrument you can whoever you want, you have all the support available to help beginner like "I" (Ed. Nicolas Piau)


config is not simple,

the manual is not a day

the function is available


the sound card is good


5 months of use,

value for money is not good

if it again: never