Korg ElecTribe Em-1
Korg ElecTribe Em-1

ElecTribe Em-1, Groove Machine from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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Cybernetwork 05/06/2013

Korg ElecTribe Em-1 : Cybernetwork's user review


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The connectors for audio: three headphone jack output an L R, no entry ...
No buzzing, noise or ground, the sound is pretty clean.
MIDI connectors are in, out, thru.

An effect pattern to enable or disable on each hand!
rev, flg, phaser, ring mod, pitch shifter, comp, distortion, deci, resonator, filster delay mode, and a delay per unit.

The machine is more oriented drum n bass, bare naked scool break, hip hop, garage, and of course "hardtek tribe" which is recognized on the grain of the old vinyl kind fky capsule corp etc ...
A drum machine for grain are!

There is a free utility for easy editing pattern.

4 measure sequencer (64 steps) to enable focus on each hand, roll x2 mode, glisendo, swing.
As well as options to offset, copy, share share ..


The general configuration is it simple?
Very simple, electribe or fisher price? No, it's very intuitive, a 5 year old would be used.

The manual is complete, everything is until proven otherwise!

All the usual functions are before your eyes: o


The sounds they suit your style of music?
That this particular and rather old scool grain in terms of electronic music that I like.
But the raw sound does not break bricks.
Once passed in software and treated as it should be I think we can get very good results.
The bass were once crushed something terrifying, like a little neurofunk,
and after a session of resampling I think there fast way to make HEAVY!

Against effects are "boundary limit" but like they traded their old school.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...
Défire be hard to grind, as I said I love the bass, the sub is also terrible and synth short I would say that the drums (integrated PCM) are seen again and again, like some ca interest ;)


I've had two weeks, but it's been a while I know this bekane ...

I was es1x, em1x, er, ea 2 on i-pad ...

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I love his oriented drum and bass sounds, naked skool, garage, and the heat that I find really different em1x his successor.

This machine is no longer manufactured since 2002 and argus to stagnated at around 130, 150.
I think in light of "rarity".
Maybe one of these machines will become personal collector AC helped my decision on this purchase because I do not really useful at least for the moment ......
I also taken by nostalgia and because I love these electribe that are a breeze to tamper ...
In fact I have to keep my kids :)