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red stewpot 07/27/2003

Yamaha RM1X : red stewpot's user review


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-Sounds are my trsmdiocre and got all look up and down the octave. We quickly made the rounds I used 2 years yet! The grain is also flat.
- The squenceur is good and logical.
- The audio engine train is not too much to ask for disk requires.
- The buttons are super sensitive! I took it out often with super ultra gaff and 3 keys and 3 potentiomtres OUT!
- A lightweight jump occurs by linking the sections is not pretty!


- It works alone you quickly cool loops (for tech INTERESTED live it) but ke for a.
- The effects are quite numerous but not sound terrible
- The ke squenceur There's a good in this machine!


- I play and compose Electro Big Beat and she soon tired and dgot! The sounds are really flat and trs all the same! Try frankly before investing! For the price of OCCAZ There's 10 times better.


In fact I have 7 years to try a lot of stuff and it is one of the most machines without Intrets. STRID I go but I really trsdu t and as a lot of people also (De-bugs dirty plans by playing careful scne those who play often enough!) .
But I still say I do not know but even more than any other default it because I'm me There's dj spar 10 months. Ke And now I have the perfect solution Mpc 4000-Reason-Drumstation