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Musicmanbuyer 12/05/2004

Rocktron Gainiac : Musicmanbuyer's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Tube preamp (12AX7) 1U shallow.
- 1 imput jack facade
- A mono output jack
- An input switch to switch the channel distortion to clean

- Canal disto: bottom, scoop top, level, tube gain
- Canal clean: Bottom, top

Interuptor missing on / off in front: only negative for me, but as it is plugged into an outlet with a switch is not as embarrassing as that.
100 dB output.


Simple but effective setup parameters and enable a good range of sounds: crunch, vintage 60/70 's, rock overdrive, disot, metal. The trick is to take a little time to get what you want. You can feel the efficiency of the lamp.

The clear sound with good potato.


For me, the sound is quality and type of grain américan the 60's and 70's. The gainiac can also get good metal sounds if we take the time to dwell on the settings, for example:
bottom: 15
Scoop: -12
top: 12
level: 8
gain: 10


I love the sound of this preamp. As my old amp had dropped and that I do more than just home studio, I needed above all a good preamp. I tested many models and those models (v-amp, Vox ToneLab), but it convinced me the most, especially since I already own the Rocktron replifex, I trusted in the brand.

For € 250 is a very good price / quality ratio.