Kamel Chenaouy Guitar & Bass Construction
Kamel Chenaouy Guitar & Bass Construction

Guitar & Bass Construction, Guitar tuition/press from Kamel Chenaouy.

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fuego3 06/12/2010

Kamel Chenaouy Guitar & Bass Construction : fuego3's user review

«  very good book »

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this book is very useful for those who want to build a guitar or the bass (although, judging by an earlier opinion, it is best to avoid the first edition, but I have the penultimate, and I have no fault with him except a passage on the calculation of the frets, which is happening because of the presence of computer frets on the net!)
It is very well detailed, and explains virtually all manufacturing steps in a very precise (see too the taste of some ...)

thanks to this book, I have already built two guitars (one-handled screw driver and a handle) and that sounds much better than numbers of guitars trade that would have cost the same price (and even more) if I had to buy!

So I recommend it highly!