Ultra 2445BK Basic Guitar Stand
Ultra 2445BK Basic Guitar Stand

2445BK Basic Guitar Stand, Guitar/Bass Stand from Ultra.

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darkwolf291 04/01/2011

Ultra 2445BK Basic Guitar Stand : darkwolf291's user review

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This is a great stand. Very sturdy and VERY well designed. There are 3 legs that lock in place, assuring they're open all the way and it's sturdy and won't fall down or be easily knocked over. The screw that keeps the stand set to the height you want it is a heavy duty, and sturdy one. I have complete faith that it will last longer than my guitar will. The part that supports the body is also very heavy duty. I have no worries about it failing. It's shaped so it can hold rounded bottom guitars (Like Strats, Teles. Les Pauls, ect) one way, and V's and other odd shaped guitars (like Randy Rhoads, B.C. Rich Warlocks, ect) if you turn it 180 degrees.. It has rubber on the part that supports the neck and the body to stop your guitar from getting scratched up when you set it on the stand. I have no clue how it affects Nitro finishes because I don't have a guitar with one, and I don't happen to have the manual anymore. It can come apart for easy storage, or collapse to make traveling with it easier. This is better than any other stand I've used. It's sturdier, better built, and a better value for the price. I had a stand once that broke when I put my guitar on it right at a weld. Poor welding, quality, and just a bad stand overall. This stand is not. This is one of the best stands on the market. From the moment I set my guitar on this, I knew I would never buy a different brand again. This is one of the best stands out there and it's easily affordable. Great stand for a great price, and I will never buy a different one again.