Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VM-202

Torpedo VM-202, Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

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Rgxpod 08/03/2012

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VM-202 : Rgxpod's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
The ultra-making simulator dedicated to the guitar sounds, though without a Synth Bass.. Everything is there... So after all, should we still call it a simulator?... Because very quickly you get amazing results!

Watch the VB-101 demos by Tristan Klein on YouTube, and you'll understand all the benefits of owning that kind of product. For my part, with only a tube preamp my choice automatically turned to the VM-202 -- to get great sound without a recording cabin in which an amp will scream beyond what your ears can take: this is a luxury.

Think like a sound-taker (Power Amp, Speakers, Mics, colors) and you get what you want.

This is a rack equipped with all needed professional connectors. Midi, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Balanced and Unbalanced.

Dual channel mono mix or stereo.

The owner's manual is very clear, although on my first time I did mess up the settings of my input/output levels.

The plus: Editing sounds on a PC is also very nice... I still encounter a little bug with some value that my PC will not capture, but since I can do it with the machine's hardware buttons I do not even consider it as a negative point, considering the resulting sound I get.

So this is the standard reference, the high-end -- very high, even. Finally I can feel the real nuances of real microphone positioning and the living dimension of the sounds. Perform a test with palm mutes over rhythmics in saturated sounds, then with clear sounds alternating finger-picking and pick-strokes. Do this with some other hardware claiming to be a competitor. You will already find some answers concerning the respect of the interactive sound of your playing style. Oops -- it does let you hear the fails and crashes, just like a real amp after all.

I also own the PC version of the WOS plug-in (you need a good sound card), and to play on stage again and enjoy myself with a rack worth the name I fell for the hardware version. 

This material is not to be associated with mid-range material. It's up to you, really, but it deserves everything that goes with it, let's be logical...

One week, 4 hours a day.
Everything that exists in modeling, I find so cold now. This does not even compare -- well, except for a Fractal 2 as it ultimately offers more effects but you have to double up your budget. So this is a choice of steps, and I will add the effects as I go along.

How beautiful it is -- I love and I'm making some people jealous...

So initially I found the price quite high, but with only a week hindsight I think that this material is worth every penny. Yes, don't be cheap if what you want to reach with this material is the professional level. Good value for your money.

For smaller budgets but with less functionalities, you also have the choice of the Torpedo C.A.B. coming out soon, for pedals boards. (But I would have needed two of those in certain cases.) But what I wanted was set the whole up as a rack and control the it all via MIDI.
I will make that choice again without hesitation.