Postal Monkey Leopard Fur Cases
Postal Monkey Leopard Fur Cases

Leopard Fur Cases, Guitar Case/Bag from Postal Monkey.

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mooseherman 06/24/2010

Postal Monkey Leopard Fur Cases : mooseherman's user review

« Nice Looking but falls apart. »

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This is a Leopard spotted guitar case. They come in acoustic and electric shapes as well as varying sizes. These are definitely a novelty product if ever there was one. However, the fact remains that they are durable, and will keep a guitar intact. This is obviously the point of a hardshell case. So if keeping your guitar protected is your number one priority (as it should be), these are a good buy. The issue that I have with them is that after awhile the case begins to look really worn and ugly, and some of the leopard spotted cloth starts to rip and tear in spots, which doesn't look good. It certainly doesn't look as good as a normal case does once it starts to get more worn and torn up. They do actually look stupendously ugly underneath the leopard exterior.
This case didn't hold up very well in it's integrity either. I think that this is a pretty average/substandard case if you ask me. The Fender cases that come with most guitars are way better than this for roughly the same price. Taylor also makes far better cases. Even if you don't own guitars by those companies, there is a lot of other options out there that would be far better in the long run. Down side? No spots.
I'm sure there's a lot of people who would take just as much care of their guitar case as they would their guitar. I am not one of those people, mainly because I find that I don't always have control over what happens to my gear. Considering that these are more expensive than most average cases (not by a whole lot, but enough), there isn't much reason for me to buy another one. The novelty wore off quick enough where I would never feel like buying another. I'd rather shell out more for a better case in general.