Aphex 1404 punch factory
Aphex 1404 punch factory
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matt8602 07/06/2014

Aphex 1404 punch factory : matt8602's user review

«  Essential for your bass, must. »

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Optical circuit compressor made in USA.

- Switch to low active (very useful)

- Integrated DI output with the possibility to turn the effect on or off the output.
Possibility of supply with 48V phantom power console by the XLR connection.

- DB meter LEDs, very helpful too.

- 2 knobs, and roll!


What I like with this compressor is the ease of use and the final result really excellent, with only 2 buttons, and it does not need more. So I struggle to consider other low as MXR compressors with 5 or 6 buttons ... The manual I did not read it, but honestly, no need! You turn the volume between 8 and 10, and you slowly turn the "drive" button until the desired punch (for me between 4 and 6). The dB meter is not just a gimmick, it allows me to know the exact level of reduction to adjust the image settings of my studio. In this regard, the Aphex claims as a studio-quality compressor, and you will soon understand why.


Absolutely brilliant. But BEWARE, as cited in the previous review, keep in mind that this is an optical circuit and the effect is not as marked a VCA compressor or other guitar oriented voluntarily mark the "pump" circuit the image of the country and funk sounds good slap. The purpose thereof is to reproduce studio a transparent and efficient compression. It must pass almost unnoticed but work best balance signal. For that, it is wonderfully good job. Sure, you can hardly notice the effect, but this is precisely why it is done. It balances the signal, smooth excessive peaks and enhances the bass notes too, and must, restitution really great bass, excellent transparency. It adds punch and dynamics to your sound, without fluff and frequencies without being too strong, too. The purpose of a low compression studio quality. The difference may seem small at first listen, but once you turn it off, big empty!


I use it for 2 months on bass. I tested quickly on guitar, but it is for the 6 strings I prefer something stronger to clean, and no compression on saturation for already compressed naturally. For this reason it is moving clearly for bass. I had at the time the Boss CS-3 Digitech Bass Squeeze The nothing to do with Ahpex which is very, very, very far ahead. It's simple, it's all the time on, I can not imagine for a second game without this compressor since I first activated. It is upstream of my pedalboard just after the tuner, it is here that proves to be the most effective, as it renders it a perfect signal to the rest of the effects. I also use it for recording directly into the sound card and a signal as well balanced, this is a feast for the rest of the mix. Bassists, if you want the ideal compressor for 4 strings, go ahead and do not waste your time with Boss and company. The price is worth it.