Carl Martin Vintage Series Classic Opto Compressor 2011
Carl Martin Vintage Series Classic Opto Compressor 2011

Vintage Series Classic Opto Compressor 2011, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Carl Martin.

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antoinecascador 10/13/2011

Carl Martin Vintage Series Classic Opto Compressor 2011 : antoinecascador's user review

«  Quiet, versatile and cheap »

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This is a compressor pedal analog (optical circuit) can be used on any type of instrument.

It has more controls than other models DNAS this price range:

- Gain: to "charge" more or less the compression circuit
- Compression: Sets the amount of compression to apply
- Attack: Sets the response time of the effect
- Level: adjusts the output level.

Connectors on the back: Jack in and out, 9VDC power supply.


Editing is simple, starting with set median.
The setting is the most difficult in my opinion, the attack.

Gain settings and compression are interdependent, we must look for a bit before finding the balance in dynamic compression.


- Compression-noise effectively.
- The sound can range from very subtle to 100% compressed.
- Used with G & L ASAT guitar and bass Special Mayones Be-4.

Note: Some high frequencies can be made a little down compared to the bypass. It's almost imperceptible.


- Received and tried yesterday!
- Already have a Multicomp EBS. I switched to cheaper, and have the set of attack.

+ Silence, efficiency, price
- Blue LED that interferes too much in the settings in the dark