Electro-Harmonix Black Finger
Electro-Harmonix Black Finger
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Dark974 10/29/2005

Electro-Harmonix Black Finger : Dark974's user review


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So we are dealing with a tube compressor (two 12AX7). The beast comes in a wooden box sealed (in case the post would have liked to play with?). The pedal comes in the form of a spare part tank of the first World War, with a black grille to protect the small lights. In any case, he gives an impression of strength even if the case seems rather thin. Anyway, it's not made to jump in with both feet!


Level settings, it's Electro-Harmonix, so kindergarten level. So we have three knobs (Compress, pre gain and post gain), two switches (compression tube / diode and normal / Squashed affecting the attack). Add to that a status LED, one that flashes when the compression ratio is optimal (and not an LED overload as one might think) and the famous switch that makes a big "clong" when you enable / disable the effect.
The manual is reduced to its simplest form: an A5 sheet, quite useful to understand the function selectors.


Once connected, it is the slap, not possible, it sounds too good !!!!! I use it mainly upstream of the preamp, just after my wah. This pedal really brings something to my sound. More dynamic, heat, in the words of one of my friends, my sound has the thigh! The lights are really something, adding according to the settings (pre / post gain) gain, and yes! I expected anything but that, suddenly, it became a kind of boost that adds compression. I tell you, this pedal is miraculous.
Playing mostly music from raw, it is mainly used in lead as it adds just the right compression (no kidding!) But also potato!
In clean, the sound becomes more crystalline, more slamming, in short, that's good.
The only downside to this is the rather unpleasant noise it generates. That said, a good noise reductor should overcome this désagrément.Veillez also enough to keep you away from your amp, or else watch the feedback!


I use it for a year and a half, and this pedal has become indispensable to me. It fits all my needs without fail. It is an integral part of my set. To be compared to a compressor Edward Marshall (yuck), I do not regret the € 200 spent on its acquisition. Price to pay, I grant you, but this effect is well worth the.
I remember the day my friend Buckaroo Banzai was tried for the first time ... dedeux weeks after he had his own!
Anyway, if I loose one day, I bought one without hesitation!