Ibanez CP5 Compressor
Ibanez CP5 Compressor
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SlapKid 04/14/2010

Ibanez CP5 Compressor : SlapKid's user review


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Analog ultrasolide plastic housing, in/out/dc9v basta.
Level Attack Sustain, classic. A tone had been nice though.


This is a compressor, so difficult to resolve the desired effect and guitar.
The level is rather generous, the attack does not differ from the mass arrival of compression and sustain acts fingering hairy so cunning necessary.
It's easy if you want a strong effect but not if you want to finesse, a basic choice.


So, with attack and sustain to adonf 9hrdemie I (with single coils) pumped an effect very nice and well wrapped more bass but treble although diminished.
Once captured this character (just add treble on the amp) the magic takes effect, difficult to spend chouic-chouic attacks plectrum.
After distortion and overdrive not only no more breath but distos are far richer and especially balanced (since the compressor acute food surplus).

Thus a profound and curiously not the same as clean after pedals drive a nice surprise.


Compressors, essential and so different.
For a discreet but effective enough trim type I enhancer Bébert DC9.
A marked effect SoundTank CP5.
For a strong and trim is either the dod milkbox Bébert CS100 (which tends to saturate a hair).
The boss is rather dull cs3 ugly ouste (sold thank you reputation boss!).

The worst thing is that I plan to buy more, the effect is so special!

I had a studio compressor rack, there are so many parameters is to become crazy. So the makers of pedals pre-lining a max and leave us two to three buttons is nice but everything must therefore try to find what we seek ...

One last thing to consider, as if it was not difficult enough, is that each compressor reacts differently if it is placed at the beginning or end of string ...

Good luck, go small (Zitrone dixit)!