thorpedo 09/26/2007

Marshall ED-1 The Compressor : thorpedo's user review


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Pedal compression analog
-4 Knobs: emphasis, volume, attack and compression
Cool retro-look, it seems solid, but should see the length.
-Heavy enough, 9v battery or power supply provided


Then set this pedal is not clear, because besides the fact that the knobs or sensitive, it must be placed before the saturation stage, if not its raplapla guaranteed, then choose the level of compression, attack and volume to select the sound you want.
the emphasis at the beginning it is believed that it is useless but in fact if it plays on the high or low frequencies. It's very subtle.


In the light she brings a great dynamic sound super slam, with a much improved sustain and harmonics that emerge more easily, really works. it generates the breath as any compressor, so if it is not already need to buy a noise suppressor
after it does its job, it is still present if one engages overdrive.
if not with a big metal type distortion, in my opinion given its vintage, should look elsewhere.


-I like this pedal much, it boosts my sound
-But it is just on big distos.
To-clean and overdrive is cool, but try the other pedals, unfortunately things I have done.
- The price is interesting
To try