Marshall ED-1 The Compressor
Marshall ED-1 The Compressor

ED-1 The Compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Marshall in the Effects series.

jboul 04/20/2005

Marshall ED-1 The Compressor : jboul's user review


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It is an analogue type compressor mashall. there are 4 knob: emphasis (accentuates treble or bass), volume (sets the volume :-)) atack (adjusts the speed of compression after the note) and compression. any way you explain everything in the small manual. pui and the housing that is not really shit, the quality is excellent, marshall really did a great job of it. and then this look, that is so beautiful compared to the boos or ur quincailerie.


The settings are complete and asser provide good sound modulation. that is to say that we just set it either for solos or to riffs so that is interesting trs. even a beginner just debrouller very well, and if he has trouble are small example in the manual.


Down's done his job. on a tube amp thunder of its progress. compared to the + ur stupid as his boss and that is little more marshall, I know, in May there is a little something that my ISP cellei choose whether to try the last. by only criticism against the jai has to c the little feedback when you push the volume pots and compression (the 2 n ur 'not affecting the rate of feedback). but you shave that is very lightweight with is the experience we learn has the rules and therefore has to ensure to reduce the feedback. - 1 then for the feedback.


Finally that is a very good compressor, especially by its qualities and its price (75 euros). I have try 3 tablespoons of boos and I love him not. IT IS little more than a pa marshall. for the defendant and other digitech boss (you 'will understand I hate these brands) marshall try you will not love it if you pedal with character.