Marshall ED-1 The Compressor
Marshall ED-1 The Compressor

ED-1 The Compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Marshall in the Effects series.

_couty 01/22/2004

Marshall ED-1 The Compressor : _couty's user review


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Rather than not, this is terrible pedals! looks great, 4 pots are enough to make its own sound, we amme not need to read the user manual. The case is vach'ment Balze, jack connections, the pots and switch are mtal (it even when PSE 570 gr), you can jump on both feet with the soles of blocks, same lot.


Too easy, except for replacing the battery, have to use a screwdriver or a small piece. The swich is flexible, not need to press as a nag, I put the machine just above my amp's footswitch: the two are ordered at the same time very well, better than p dale type boss.


Terrible! It's hot, slamming the armony you break your teeth! I use it on the TUBE 100 Hughes & Kettner, MARSHALL JCM900 cabinet 412. Place between the guitar (Flying V) and the wahwah, she is primarily used for solos or carrment mangling with turbolarsens ... ditto with the substain is standard. The knob "ATTACK" mdiator turns your grinder into strings. Once I have my bass prt slamming the ZlabZ with, it was believed that the amp was going to explode! It MAAARCHE!


It's been two and a half years that I have, and name of an old Zlib she took in the mouth! Of beer, kicked, a public works Jam on it ... Pitit and just a scratch on a mirror-polished knob! Balze that I tell you! Sound, substain; the mud I say! Line, the design, I have tears in my eyes, and for only 70 euros, hsiter why, why ...