Catalinbread Belle Epoch
Catalinbread Belle Epoch
props 02/17/2014

Catalinbread Belle Epoch : props's user review

«  The belle époque »

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- This is a delay pedal supposed to emulate the Echoplex EP3 tape, popularized by Jimmy Page and Brian May, with all its faults.
- Operation of 9 to 18V.
- The treatment effect is digital but the dry signal remains analog.
- 5 pots (whose names are not constant) was a "sustain" that will manage the number of repetitions to self-oscillation, a "mix" that everyone will understand its usefulness, a "delay "determining the duration of repetitions from 80 to 800ms. Now talking about the last two: the "mod" will create a regular stall simulating imperfect rotation of the band, subtly or bluntly honest. the "rec level" (or "tone") will allow him to control the amount of signal injected into effect, but in a nonlinear manner completely, and interaction with other controls.
- Switch true bypass or buffered (Mode Details on / off), but that does not buffer just (!)
- A trimpot for adjusting the output level, because it can also serve as a booster!

No tap tempo, no location stack, no memory setting, you can not have everything.
The case is compact and lightweight, the "powder coat" very solid coating.


Simple configuration but it can be nice to take the time to adjust the trim boost to his liking.
It should also experiment with different placements in the effects chain. It goes very well before such an overdrive or front amp. This feature is explained in the doc: "The Belle Epoch WAS designed to be run in front of your amp in the same way the Echoplex WAS designed to be run in front of your amp They share input and output Almost identiques Circuit topologies, Including. unbuffered passive mixer system of the EP-3. HOWEVER, we tuned it to-have a lower output impedance than the EP-3 to not load down the output as much while still Retaining the open non-buffered output the interface. "


The tiny tornado slapback to the infinite, it's just beautiful, 10/10.

A delay say "classic" (4 or 5 repetitions of 400ms), this is the famous setting of "mod" makes the difference: it adds a slight detune the blend between the direct sound and repetition, think of some whammisées notes refrain (What's this?) Paranoid Android. on the other hand is better when you do not put too much (9-10h max). I had some delays in my hands, but never one that can produce this "flutter" so if music.

It is on the tape echo simulation, each repetition inevitably degrades compared to the previous, but this degradation does not occur in the same way depending on the setting of the knob "rec". In the amount, we will make the first rehearsals franker, more aggressive, must be balanced with the "mix" after overdrive we will even bring out the saturation in the repeated sound. Must be dosed sparingly. Perfect for the post Neil Young atomic.

If the sustain you go, we will go into the world of self-oscillating. The border reached to 2/3 of knob. We will be able to play simultaneously on all other pots to change the texture in real time. Details in activated mode, it will be possible a chord repeating to infinity, switch to the bypass and play a solo. We will be able to make the way the final Karma Police (them again!) Increasing the time. At high dose, the "rec" will allow more or less crushed previous repetitions depending on the intensity of the game good with me and my big paws it gives especially porridge, I unfortunately do not have the talent 'exploit its full potential, but a very good musician could leave Wonderland.


Amateurs own delays, precise and clinical, continue your way! Here is done in the dirty, which-derails, not transparent or uncontrollable if you go too far!
Catalinbread had-apparently one watchword, reproduce imperfect perfection. Not knowing the true EP3, I will not judge the fidelity compared to the original. In any case this is a delay very "musical" (although it does not mean anything), including standard use. I did that for 2 months, I have not yet tested in all situations (I actually wanted to be the first to post a review on AF!), I think you could spend days and nights of experimentation. In any case I do not want yet to hear anything else. Only his sister Echorec might later have through my eyes.
I can only regret the absence of tap-tempo.