mooseherman 04/21/2011

Electro-Harmonix Freeze : mooseherman's user review

« Really unique pedal! »

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This is a pretty cool delay-type pedal from Electro Harmonix. They tend to make a few of my favorite pedals in general, and most of their stuff is really good. This one in particular is a bit different from most delays in that it will take a small segment of sound and repeat it so that it becomes more of a drone-type sound. Thus you can loop something (or "freeze" it) and create some really cool ambiance, while still allowing you to play rhythm or leads over it. The pedal has a 1/4" connection (in and out) as well as as an input for a 9v adaptor (it also takes a battery). The pedal is analog technology, and as such it cannot be edited through a computer program of any type, and is also not rackable.


This effects pedal is overall pretty simple, even if it is a little different than most delays. There's a switch which will control the effect mode that you've got going. There's a mode for fast, slow, and latch. This will adjust the basic broad speed of the delay, with latch mode being the one that'll create the infinite sustain that you most likely bought the pedal for! There's also a knob for level which will adjust the volume of the effected sound.


I think that this type of pedal will work really well with lots of guitars. I've tried it with a Les Paul/Marshall setup as well as a Fender Stratocaster/Blues Jr., and thought that both sounded awesome. It really depends more upon what type of guitar sound you like in general. I've never used it with anything other than electric guitars so this review will focus on that.
It does a good job of not coloring the sound too heavily, even if it is sustaining it and making it sound really unnatural. The different settings are cool but I think the latch mode is the coolest, giving you the option of putting some crazy stuff in there and just repeating it to death is really cool to do in the middle of an epic jam! I definitely enjoy the fast and slow modes too but don't often see myself using them as much. I find often that they don't work as well as the latch mode does to create repitition, and I


While this isn't the best delay to buy in terms of practicality, and it definitely won't be anybody's go-to, it's a nice addition to the pedal setup. If you tend to go for a more natural sound, then I'd hesitate from buying this. But if you really like to mess around and get wild with tones and loops and delays, then I would highly recommend this as it's a little different from most of the other pedals out there and can really get you some other-wordly tones, harmonically rich and almost church like depending on what you are using.