Harley Benton DD-2 Digital Delay
Harley Benton DD-2 Digital Delay

DD-2 Digital Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Harley Benton.

SlapKid 05/31/2009

Harley Benton DD-2 Digital Delay : SlapKid's user review


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Tounouvo Toubo, cheap and more.
Digital but it seems not really (my artec analog sounds cleaner at first glance), it is nice and hot and spacious.
2 outputs, and it's great: the A used alone gives the dry-mix effect. The two outputs together give only his sec B and its effect only in A, very helpful to use two amplifiers.
Finesse, no plugging in the A with a gap in the B jack just gives you the sound effect, necessary for parallel effect loops (so no worries phase and bad sound) tube amp like marshall or mesa.

Adjusting the mix, rehearsals-ing-ing, time and time sly rude.


Very simple, the pedal is built very well so no fear.
The downside is that the bypass is not transparent at all, food and treble clarity. This is true also connected, but not serious in a parallel loop or with an amp / distortion pedal aggressive / ve.
In typical use it can be very annoying because the fragile sound of your combination is thereby significantly altered. Must know, and it is unfortunately the case with a lot of pedals (the prize goes to EH).


The sound depends on where you put the delay. I use either loop or parallel loop in passive with my distortion pedal (pre-amp). As thereof is raised, the dd2 one end and the quiet is welcome.
Space, the DD2, more than many others, as if repeating sound came from afar, and is especially nice. Since it does not sound at all clear / synthetic is very musical, more so than my artec analog ...
Repeat setting is not a model of its kind, then little change much too fast, bof.
400ms in the position we make wonderful rockabilly echoes, and the 800ms bin position is very adequate and great for the ambience. Long enough anyway, you see the usefulness of a delay of 20 seconds you?

Update May 31: In a parallel loop to marshall TSL100 this pedal works great, but brings a package of breath on super saturax and it's embarrassing. On the clean and overdrive it goes on the other hand. Is that the price reflects eh ...


I repeat: it's his comic, except to use loop or parallel to calm an aggressive distortion. It therefore limits its use, or you put it in a passive loop so you have a true bypass.
I love this pedal, its outputs / combinations are super helpful, and it sounds cool space and not at all.
I artec analog (too short, very neat), the zoom 508 (ultra-clean and complex), the Bébert DD100 (super, no defects except the lottery behringer ...) and RE20 boss (a very another world, a different price, too. But I love deeply!).

For the passive loop: take an A / B box and standard passive split an input / output. Plug the guitar and send effect in jacks A, plug the back end into the jack B, and then plug the receiver into the jack in the middle (which distributes). Very simple and effective, no battery or anything, and a true bypass which is good as the others.
This extremely simple installation allows you to control a group of pedals (distortion-delay-noisegate example) at once with a single ... So much for Béjart, one bounce later!