phaser 09/27/2005

Line 6 DL4 : phaser's user review


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15 delay effects + a sample, all in digital.
5 control knobs.
The knobs and tweak tweez changes function depending on the delay used ... namely that controls the stereo right, left some effects, and there is so beautiful it is completely amazing ...


We selected the delay, we tune the knobs and immediately we feel the quality of the machine pro ... no breath, no parasites, as the delay ...
There are only three effects presets, too bad with such a machine would put them well on 9 or 10 below the elbow, the quieter the pus extravagant, everything is beautiful ...


Effects? a marvel ...


I use it for 2 years and each time I found new feelings at the time ... I paid 350 euros with the power supply, I was looking for a versatile and realistic daley ... Bingo!!
The price / quality ratio is really good. I would buy any of the following DL4, it is lovely in every way ...