Jumikael 03/28/2013

Mooer Ana Echo : Jumikael's user review

" Yeah bof"

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Analog delay chip based bucket brigade, the new Chinese models, not the old chips mn3005 that equipped deluxe memory man, dm2, maxon ad ad 80 or 900 ...
Nice pedal in a small package.

Works in 9 or 12v.


Simple with three buttons.


Frankly it is bad. At this level it is better to numerical simulation (eg like the reecho the same brand). For if we compare, as I did with one of his ancestors (AD900), we can find no heat, and self-oscillation is quite ugly. Damage.

Point: it sounds much better in 12v.


A pedal that does its job, but does not present a great interest. I guess the new chips are BBD for something, but the fact that these chips should be calibrated to give the best of themselves. Now in mass production at low cost, it does not forgive.

If the brand offers good models, so do not judge on that one.