TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater
TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater

RPT-1 Nova Repeater, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

Stylobic34 09/20/2012

TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater : Stylobic34's user review

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See previous opinion rather well explained.

It's digital, 6 delay modes different modulation vibrato and chorus, three different delay range (short, medium, long), adjustable tap tempo and not preset like her big sister.


Not too complicated to set, we found it quickly once we tried every type of delay and understand how to market adjustment knobs. I're not even need the manual to say.


I love this delay, I had a nova Delay before (And to think I do not know anymore why I sold it to move to the ...)

I use it mainly for light and short delay to give scale arpeggios on where in slapback for rhythm rock well.

The tone knob is really something great, you choose the color of the echo of an echo can go pretty dark to super bright digital delay, there is something for everyone! Note the modulation that I find too ml to troubleshoot, I used mostly vibrato, quarter adjusted to give a slight impression that my sound turn

on the other hand it sounds very digital, rehearsals are super clean, and very faithful to the original sound right.
You must love, it does not bother me because I always accompany an analog delay for that delay and make my partner in every sense.

The pedal also features a tap tempo just be very handy.
She has another way to set the tempo of the delay: You keep your foot pressed the tape switch tempo, the sound will cut you and tempo player strumming the strings of the guitar. It works pretty well, but I find it a little gadget personally.


A great versatile delay but we must love digital sound, which I personally find very good.

Some regret that it is not true bypass, it does not bother me more than that, are not I noticed a huge difference in my sound, which then must I redeem ears but if the his had was so degraded it, I do not think I would have kept this pedal.

For this price, the sound quality and production is to be noted that the power supply is provided with that bit be very interesting for those who do not have a power supply for their pedalboard.