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vince le bleu 09/10/2003

Yamaha UD Stomp : vince le bleu's user review


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Fully Pdalier DDI time limit!
extremely powerful. Allows using a single note of different things and gnrer 8 Fully paramtrables individually.

Presset factory and user memories as usual!
LED display for prciser value of rglage potentimtres
Systm bank of memory to select your checks via foot switches


Trs complex rgler!
The intrt as to exploit the combination of dlais there are some (many) hours of programming for prvoir paramtrer the craft.
Ds that we begin grate the effects spatial, one must consider the place for the settings in the effects loop on the pan, the dose of dry / wet ... and dj is complex. So all these operations are the edit on everything you choose to insert. I think this deal is REALLY fine rglage manipulable interface with a PC or a screen of CONTRL. The small LED display is not enough!

Trs trs complex! refrain beginners!


The sound quality is excellent. The product PForm definitely not the original sound and gives rglages make about the results and prcis cohrent. Pushing some paramtres the extreme can even get a little twisted sounds that can inspire the most daring of us!

Despite the number of calculations Unable paramtres and the machine, the sound remains clear!


It is no time limit like the others. APRS uses several hours I gave this product that I found too complex. It's a sledgehammer to a fly crasis (the term is not mine).
I think this kind of product is for those who are able to comoposer around a piece of his, in this case the machine is fabulous! with a fine and intelligent programming the UD-Stomp is a rhythmic supplmentaire lment, but then you have to play with the click ear!
Good luck all who try!