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harlock73 06/18/2011

ByBuzzTechnologies FetAmp : harlock73's user review

«  the attack of the clone »

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It's been about 3 weeks / one month that I have to fetamp bybuzz tech and frankly this pedal is magic, I waited almost a year before deciding to buy it, how stupid .... already it is class, varnish, excellent workmanship, assembly of components is also excellent, everything is thinking, even for the battery which has a small foam support, short class
The controls are simple and the same as the original pedal (Boss FA / 1)
trebble - bass - volume and mini switch (flat-low cut)

mine is flat all the time, I guess Edge of the same rank as the low cut is especially for use with an acoustic guitar (this can be used) ... as compared to the original super clone has the advantage of having a switch startup truebypass and the possibility of power by external power supply (I have not tested this) the battery being provided I decide to m ' use it.

upgrade its great and its just not easy to describe on paper checks trebble and bass are very efficient and do what they ask for the volume ca sends many decibels and more, adds flavor while remaining in his brilliant pass a course, 13/14 on my amp the sound starts to crunch and it's great
voila so I hearts this pedal board and any fan of the edge, we have a few and I have heard that is good, it is easier to obtain than the original and up to 10 times less for the same thing.
Congratulations to the designer

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