Behringer Flanger Machine FL600
Behringer Flanger Machine FL600

Flanger Machine FL600, Flanger for Guitar from Behringer.

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lecrotale 05/14/2011

Behringer Flanger Machine FL600 : lecrotale's user review

«  What bin behringer? »

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see details on their site
stop us drunk with nie nie nie and plastic.
must still avoid jumping on the pedals from the castles, even if they are in fact the métal.on Zique or skydiving?
compartimment for batteries, well not use it anyway, with a set of five or six pedals, it is more profitable with the transformers.


I never read the manuals
to change the sound, turn the knobs.


I am an apprentice musician for thirty years, but even more apprentice on guitar.
I found some sounds that resemble those of police and others that resemble the sounds that I liked, but I know who uses these sounds.
it also sounds that are noisy, and it can be cool sometimes.


before acquiring other models, try to be richer.
on the other hand, I've heard a lot, and that they defended well, besides the
price is still three times lower.
behringer pedals, I have a few, and apart from the fact What has not scored or boss or co pro mxr above, I see what you can not blame them.

whatever the type of effect, behringer is formidable side value for money.
MARK is advisable to cut.
for others, you buy the "original" so you do not criticize your own choice.