Boss BF-2 Flanger
Boss BF-2 Flanger

BF-2 Flanger, Flanger for Guitar from Boss.

ericthegreat 12/12/2011

Boss BF-2 Flanger : ericthegreat's user review

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The Boss BF-2 is a flanger effect stomp box. It has 1/4 inputs and outputs and is not a rackable unit. I believe it is an analog pedal, but I'm not 100% sure about this. It is a cool looking color and is much more versatile than its predecessor, the BF-2.


The configuration of the BF-2 is very easy to figure out. It has four knobs and one of the knobs has another knob on top of it. The first knob controls the resonator, the next controls the depth, the third controls the rate and the last knob is used to set what mode of flanger you would like to use. It is designed to get a wide variety of flanger sounds and it does just that. I've never used the manual as the pedal is pretty easy to figure out.


The sound quality of this flanger is very realistic sounding. It is easy to use it subtly and to hint with the flanger, and easy to go nuts to get some real spacey sounds. I have only used the BF-2 with guitar - a Gibson SG and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb amp. The flange sound on this pedal is top notch and totally professional sounding.


I first used the BF-2 about three or four years ago. I also have a BF-3, which is the Boss flanger made before this pedal and while the BF-3 is a lot more expensive it is definitely more versatile and overall has a better sound to it. While some sounds between the BF-2 and the BF-3 are comparable, the BF-3 has a more varied arsenal of sounds than the BF-2. While the BF-3 is a bit pricey you are getting a very well made pedal from a company with a great reputation. Overall this is great sounding flanger pedal with a ton of versatility.