Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger
Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger

CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger, Flanger for Guitar from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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MGR/Hakop Kirakosian 12/21/2002

Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger : MGR/Hakop Kirakosian's user review

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I got this at Guitar Center for 70 USD,
It was the cheapest pedal where I can get Chorus and Flanger

Well I like the Chorus better than the Flanger effect. With the Wak'd setting I can also make techno sounds which sounds
kinda cool. But I also like the Chorus
because I can get that effect from that slow acoustic riff from Metallica's
"Welcome Home Sanitarium." Plus I was able to create some of my own sounds.....

I hate the Flanger effect!!!!
God damn!!! The Flanger and Boss Metal Zone sound so nasty, I tried lowering the distortion and changing flange settings and still I can't get a god sound from it.
Sometimes the flanger would make this freakin cool sound that sounds like an Airplane pass by you really fast.

Made of Metal, and rubber on the bottom so
the pedal won't go away from your feet...
I accidently hit it with my bro's baseball bat and it still sounds the same LOL!!!

If you want a good Chorus pedal, well you're reading about it, and if you're a musician who is looking for different sounds
and ideas well; this pedal should be it especially with the Wak'd modes...

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