Ibanez FL9 Flanger
Ibanez FL9 Flanger

FL9 Flanger, Flanger for Guitar from Ibanez in the 9 series.

nickname009 02/27/2012

Ibanez FL9 Flanger : nickname009's user review


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Input Impedance 500K ohms
Output Impedance 10K ohms
Maximum Input Level 4 dBm
Gain 0 dB
Delay Time 1ms — 12.8ms
Speed Range 0.06Hz — 13Hz
Equivalent Input Noise –75 dBm (IHF-A)
Power Supply One 9 Volt Battery or external AC adaptor (9V)
Size 124(D) × 74(W) × 53(H) mm 4.9(D) × 3(W) × 2(H) inch.
Weight 570g, 1.3 lbs

This is your basic, and probably most well known flanger out there. It's traditional and old school.


4 easy knobs to control the flanging effect.
Speed, Regen, Width, Delay Time.

Start the knobs at noon and adjust from there, that's usually the best way to get things going.


Sounds great I think. Especially on clean you can get some very nice texture with clean when playing chords and such. As for single notes, unless you're sustaining them for a longer period of time it's not really audible.

To me, flangers on distorted guitars always sound messy and unusable so I don't have any opinion on that. Of course if you intend to use it with amp distortion it's generally recommended to put this in the loop of your guitar amp to get a clearer and not so muddy guitar sound. Otherwise, a flanger out in front with a distortion pedal (not using amp distortion) will have the same effect as well.

Again this is a flanger so the frequency of using this effect is quite rare and very sparingly. I haven't heard any guitar player overuse this type of effect I find it's actually hard to find use for a flanger in every song or parts of songs etc because the sound itself is so specific.

The pedal isn't true bypass so yes there will be a slight tonal change to your original guitar signal once this pedal is hooked up. Look for true bypass looper or a buffer or something else to get your most of your signal back if you wish to do so.


I like it because it's simple and of course easy to use. The flange effect itself is generally used sparingly and I think it sounds great for cleans to add extra spacey or texture to what you're playing. Otherwise it wouldn't be used quite as often as other effects. I've been told the maxon version sounds better and sucks less tone but that's completely subjective of course.

Though overall it's a great pedal if you know how to use it. The tone suckage is quite noticable so it may not suit some players.