Ibanez GSA6J
Ibanez GSA6J

GSA6J, Guitar Package from Ibanez in the Jumpstart Package series.

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celtic-revenge 08/19/2007

Ibanez GSA6J : celtic-revenge's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use this pack for about a year.
-The handle of the grate is super
Grate it is more than adequate for START
-Perfect for playing in his room
-Headphone jack is nice
Lil tune it too much vibrato the grate (personally I never used)
Polivalente asser-pack.
The -:
Screw them to the strap that keeps sRemove
-The feedback amplifier as is not allowed
I pick up German radio ^ ^ (I hesitate to put it in the mdr +)
-Hardware is bof
-When playing too near the beginning of the handle, the kind of bar is really plastoc derengeante.

I is not try other guitar or amp before buying the following (I should have)
Even if there is a good price / quality ratio I think some things poorly (it is on that after a year of use we can criticize permmetre parcequon to know more but hey ....)

I think I do it again the choice of the grate, but not the amp which is still not good ...