Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang

Hetfield Black Fang, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dunlop.

Joe-Rhys 10/21/2011

Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang : Joe-Rhys's user review

«  a good pick ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I have since Tuesday and I'm very happy!
I have many different models at home ibanez (almost the entire series!), Jim Dunlop, fender, peavey (yes, yes, they exist!) Pickboy, hotpicks, and even the guitar part!! ah! ah!
I love the most, the sound that comes out right, the contrast of the green color of the head of the spider on the black background that throws well, the solid feel of the pick, the ease of play and obvious instinctive placement of the right hand.
I like the least, the size too large.
the price / quality ratio is excellent!
I bought this pick because I like his presentation with the head of the spider green on black background.
I tried it on my acoustic and rendering is very good we have a right, well balanced and the pick is thicker, the sound becomes more bass.
I bought three different hardness, 0.73, 0.94 and 1.14. (see photos below).
what is surprising is that, compared to ibanez style or RONDAT patrick paul gilbert, the placement of the hand is more instinctively that these small picks.
Moreover, it gives off a sound much more balanced on Patrick RONDAT is loaded into low and lack of acute and paul gilbert and accurate but the sound is poor in low.
in fact, this pick is the best of two worlds but it is a little too big, it's really the only negative of this test ...