Fender Pickguard Stratocaster
Fender Pickguard Stratocaster
MGR/Tim hodgeson 12/20/2003

Fender Pickguard Stratocaster : MGR/Tim hodgeson's user review

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Where:Sieff's Music
Why:I wanted a good Guitar
How much:$1570 US

It provides a good warm texture... when placed in a fire
I love the way that no Matter how angry i get i can always vent my anger on this piece of s**t

it plays like a large german woman,
but if thats what your into...
It makes a good percusion instrument when bashed repeatedly against a door, because of the hollow body.

I hate the wood on this hunk a junk,
I left it in the sun one afternoon and the paint peeled off and revealed the wood,
it is made from frikin Balsa wood, BALSA WOOD no wonder it bloody lite and cheap.
If you are gonna buy a big production guitar atleast buy one thats made from real wood, like a PRS, Or even Gibson, but never stoop as low as a fender.

Bottom line: If your filthy rich, and enjoy large German women, you can buy enough of these to keep your fire burning throughout winter.

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