stephane.nlc 04/06/2014

EMG JH HET Set : stephane.nlc's user review

«  Of Hetfield on all points! »

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I just install a gibson flying v '67.

Nice box, everything is well protected, packed, stored :)

Small flat on the foam to insulate the battery 9 devotees in the cavity of the guitar. In fact, it is necessary to cut the foam box!
EMG could provide cover in exprés foam.

Easy installation, super well done. I chose the assembly diagram 2 volumes + 1 tone

For those who are interested, there, there pil hair space in the cavity of the flying v to receive knobs, toogle, stereo jack, the surplus son and battery

J bought a black pickguard on which I have built this kit. White pickguard guard Gibson pickups and knobs of origin.
So I can use my leisure was flying v version "Hetfield" or original version. It just enough for me to remove the strings, pickguard, reseal the ground wire!

Compared torque 500 T 496 R, for "my personal taste eh ^ ^", there is no photo! Although I do not deny their qualities.

The neck EMG offers a sumptuous clean, sparkling, perfect for back Fade to black!
It also allows for solos or swipping longoureux ^ ^
The EMG bridge sends something! It beats the EMG 81 hands down. It is fatter while remaining precise and warm.

On the first try, I have been conquered.

J have a Ouija LTD equipped EMG 81 and 60 (active) and LTD EC 1000 equipped with Seymour Duncan JB and 59 (liabilities)

EMG JH offer a mix of these two pairs of microphones and better!

The finish is beautiful. Indeed, as mentioned in another review, it marks quickly. But a little bit of soft cloth is c is again!

Good price ... you pay signature c is on, but I do it again without hesitation as a purchase because I am delighted!