Rio Grande Pickups Texas BBQ Set
Rio Grande Pickups Texas BBQ Set

Texas BBQ Set, Guitar pickups kit from Rio Grande Pickups.

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jpbleus 08/23/2005

Rio Grande Pickups Texas BBQ Set : jpbleus's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have since installed two months on a cheap Gibson was equipped with original "Dirty Fingers" (dirty fingers, for the uninitiated). The skyscraper is a Firebrand 335S Standard (solid body shaped ES335 valued at argus increased only slightly in 25 years). I have not done a crime against Gibson.
The price / quality ratio is relative: the set cost me € 250 but now I have a Gibson on which I play every day while I denigrated. Why deprive yourself of such a quality violin, after all.
You can do anything with these pickups: rock, blues, jazz and even hard. It depends on the amp, of course. So far, I found the sound of Popa Chubby, AC / DC, Dire Straits, Robben Ford (plain as saturated) and jazz sounds typically by reducing the treble on the neck microphone.
I have a new Gibson for € 250 which gives me a great time.
This choice I would do without hesitation.