Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber
Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber

22 Caliber, Guitar Power Amplifier from Electro-Harmonix.

Reiep 03/02/2012

Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber : Reiep's user review

«  A good little Poweramp »

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22W transistor amp, pedal format, with a 18V supply. Look at the photo product you with all the information on it!

Given the difficult format to want more ... Perhaps setting a lower / more developed acute?


With a knob and a switch, hard to say it's complicated. Just use a good cable for speakers to the speaker, and the hardest part.


I use it right now between a Pod HD 500 and a 2x12 Diezel is my B rig until my amp head. I had a little transistor amp that sounds at low volumes and that allows me to use the simulations of Pod at their peak.

The gamble has paid off, it sounds flawlessly. A priori no particular coloration of the sound, at least in the noise levels to which I have used so far (bottom middle).

I also tried it with an overdrive, it works pretty good.

The bright switch does make something in the high end, but I prefer without.

Note that the pedal quite a stir / breath, which is not yet pervasive.


Overall, an excellent pedal, having a small pocket Poweramp can still be useful I think. I did not blame individuals to do if not its price, a bit pricey though, a DIY enthusiast will achieve something similar much cheaper.