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Iron koala 02/28/2010

Marshall EL34 50/50 : Iron koala's user review


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Power amp tube rack (2 EL34 and one 12AX7 12AT7 per channel) with an output of 50W per channel.
This rack is structured as if we have two independent amplifiers in the same box

Level connectivity, we per channel
-2 Output hp (with selector 16 or 8ohm) attention to the choice of cab
-Link output to route the incoming signal to another power amp or the other channel and a footswitch input for change voicing.

Level adjustment per channel: 1 volume, 1 presence, voicing a selector, 1 and 1 standby power on / off


It is a very simple power amp, the presence is very effective.
No need manual for this amp.
The sound depends primarily on the preamp you are glue.


Its level is a fairly neutral amp, quite dynamic and powerful enough for any type (bar, large scenes).
It wraps well to give his body and harmonics at preamps a bit stiff while maintaining versatility.
I played on a guitar digitech 2112 DeArmond and I attack a type lp baffle OUR
With this combination, I have very good clean sound (bright warm and dynamic) but I have satus grain a bit stiff in the upper mid which are due to the preamp and maybe the v30.

There are 2 voicings per channel, I use only voicing the A, B is a bit too metal for the music.


Poweramp I use this for 5 years.
I have not tried the VHT is apparently a must in this type of stuff.
I tried the cons by fifty fifty home mesa which is below because it more crunch and color.

The value for money compared concurence is honest and quality workmanship.
on the other hand it has suffered from dry solder (apparently disease marshall) which earned him a review from a tech.
Since it sounds crazy.

I do not do it again this election because I move into the easiest gear to be less attracted by the effects is the changing tastes of who wants it.
It is a bit too heavy for my taste too (twenty kg)