Plug & Play Amplification Power Attenuator 50
Plug & Play Amplification Power Attenuator 50

Power Attenuator 50, Guitar Power Attenuator from Plug & Play Amplification.

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TartifletteMaster 05/23/2013

Plug & Play Amplification Power Attenuator 50 : TartifletteMaster's user review

«  Complete, efficient, simple to use »

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I use it for 2 months.

I had the opportunity to test any other model attenuator before. It meets two needs:
1. Able to use my system Engl E530 -> Mesa 20/20 -> OUR Cabinet 4x12 "at home by pushing the power amp and without damage to the ears and the neighborhood
2. Mesa also integrate in my recordings, knowing that I work exclusively made "silent" no microphone to the speaker. Until then, I captured the output signal directly from the Engl preamp to an input of my sound card, with the attenuator "loadbox mode" I get the output signal from the power amp.


I chose this model because it has all the features I needed, it is properly sized for my amp power level while the competition is usually around 100/150 Watts (and cheaper!) and that's the craft made in France! It is very simple to use: the output of the amp input on cable, and speaker output, then select the level of attenuation. A switch allows you to bypass the attenuator, and another to use loadbox mode ie with an "infinite attenuation" can be downright safely disconnect the speaker grill of the amp. In parallel, it has a line out for use on a mixer or sound card input, the level can be adjusted via the knob on the front. It may therefore be appropriate:
1. Use only the attenuation function
2. Using the attenuation function AND swing along the line output to other equipment (sound, sound card, or another amp)
3. Use only the line output from the attenuation mode loadbox
Note that the housing has a second output to eventually connect a second speaker. I do not have utility for the moment, but considering the price of the option (10 €) ...


Pure bliss! Finally I can push my amp lamps and thoroughly enjoy it at home! When I turn the channel volume of the amp connected to the attenuator background (20W so), the maximum attenuation (-30dB) would play in the apartment, for my part I use one of the two lower levels (-27 or -24). For an amp of this power Power Attenuator 50 is perfectly sized. Meanwhile, the spectrum seems very well preserved, I do not have the sensation of sound alteration. Ditto for recording, I use behind a speaker simulation software to IR base and it sounds really realistic. On clear and distortion low-gain sounds, the color of the power amplifier is obvious compared to my previous config (IR applied directly to the preamp signal).

Anyway, now that I have this little box it has become indispensable to me. I recommend it to all those who have the same needs as me. In particular, I think it is really a solution that really works for home studio owners who want to catch quality guitar without having to manage the problems associated with the use of a microphone in front of the amp (quality of micro, positioning, size, sound insulation, noise ...).